1. 3/27 Anchors Up

    photo: Mark Macleod

  2. Anchors Up 3/27

    photo: Mark Macleod

  3. MISFORTUNE live in Burlington, Vermont. 03.02.13

  4. Tomorrow night in Haverhill. Come early and hit the fuckin pit nerds

  6. Misfortune // Solitary

    broke down and taken out 
    lying face down, dirt in my fucking mouth 
    pain is radiating, strength is dissipating 
    I’m dying here it’s all because of you 
    so many times, I’ve felt like shit 
    so many times that I’ve almost quit 
    I’m drowning here and there’s now hope 
    I’m dying here, I better cope 
    blood, sweat, and broken bones 
    who cares but me when I’m all alone?


  7. New England

    We wanna be in you. Let’s play some shows.



  8. Thanks Vermont

    Cool show. Host absolutely killed it, check that band out. Stop sleeping.



  9. Tonight in South Burlington, VT


  10. Tapes soon. Shirts soon. Shows coming up.